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We’ve helped for 40 years and they’ve helped us for 40 years. Your support translates into rights for everyone. Contribute to a hopeful future, where together we fight for social inequalities.ONLINE EVENT ABOUT HUNGER AND CONFLICTS IN MOZAMBIQUE AND THE WORLD

November 10th I 4pm I ZoomThe escalation of the conflict in Cabo Delgado is creating a serious situation of food insecurity in the region: 90% of displaced people and 75% of host families have a diet considered unacceptable according to the World Food Program Barometer.

Data like this are part of an exclusive report that we developed in conjunction with the Institute for the Study of Conflict and Humanitarian Action (IECAH) and which will be presented at a free Online Conference that we are organizing on November 10th at 4 pm via Zoom. Will you join us?

Discover the PROGRAM and GUESTS HERE.REGISTER NOW, sending an email to [email protected]. We will send, a few days before the event, the access link to the event in Zoom. Thanks.Global Hunger Index 2021

Ajuda en Ação released on October 14, 2021, the report “Global Hunger Index 2021”, an international report produced by the European NGO network Alliance2015, of which we belong and which operates in 85 countries.

The Global Hunger Index – based on its own methodology – prepares an annual ranking of the state of hunger in the world, focusing each year on a specific theme. In 2021, under the subtitle “Hunger and food systems in conflict situations”, it shows a situation where progress towards

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 is not only slowing down, but reversing, in some cases fueled by the toxic cocktail that mixes the effects of the climate emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic and increasingly serious and prolonged violent conflicts. In 2020, conflict was the most important driver of food crises, even more than economic crises or extreme weather events.


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