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AIDS 2010 Workshops

AIDS 2010 offers 81 high-quality, targeted workshops that will promote and enhance opportunities for knowledge transfer, skills development and collaborative learning.

Half of the workshops were designed by the Conference Coordinating and Programme Committees. The rest of the workshops were selected from proposals submitted through the AIDS 2010 website. The proposals were reviewed by an independent reviewing committee with each proposal assessed by at least two reviewers. The final selection was conducted by the AIDS 2010 Workshop Working Group, composed of members selected from the Conference Programme Committees.

These 90 or 180-minutes workshops provide intensive focus on an identified topic allowing the participant to deepen knowledge and gain useful insights to apply in their respective profession.

The workshop programme is aimed at increasing the capacity of delegates to implement and advocate for effective, evidence-based HIV/AIDS policies and interventions in their respective communities and countries.

The workshops were selected based on a combination of criteria, including:
  • “SMART” objectives that are strongly supported by learning activities during the workshop
  • Expertise of the facilitator
  • Methodology
  • Relevance to the AIDS 2010 overall goals and objectives
  • Outcomes – Delegates participating will learn something new, be guided by the facilitator to make connections to their current professional practice and develop an action plan to apply acquired knowledge and skills in their work
  • Selection of workshops also aimed at representing most-at-risk and vulnerable and geographic regions
For more detailed information on the outcome of the workshop selection, please visit the workshop selection page.

Experienced, dynamic HIV professional, health practitioners, People living with HIV and faculty from the world’s leading training and educational organizations have been selected to present their best programs at AIDS 2010.

Please visit the programme-at-a-glance to access the schedule of the workshop programme.

ABBC Directory

This unique platform accessible through the conference profile provides the opportunity for conference delegates to contact workshop faculty. This service will be available until the 30 September 2010. Please click here for more information.


Workshop Schedule

Workshops have a limited participant capacity. For AIDS 2010, seating will be granted on a first-come first-served basis. If you are interested in attending a workshop please sign up at the room 30 minutes before the workshop starts. For more detailed information on the workshop, please click here.

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