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International AIDS Society

Global Village

The Global Village is a diverse and vibrant space where community gathers from all over the world to meet, share and learn from each other. It is a space for community to demonstrate the application of science and good leadership. It is also a space that invites conference participants to see how science translates into community action and intervention.

The Global Village promotes networking between north and south, east and west and provides a space for displays, discussions and performances from throughout the world. The Global Village is open to the general public and conference delegates and admission is free. 

As a platform for communities involved in the response to HIV, the Global Village programme will highlight the conference theme of Rights Here, Right Now, focusing on the following objectives: 

  1. Present the state of HIV and human rights in various regions of the world to promote efforts to strengthen diverse community involvement in shaping HIV policy and programmes at national, regional and global levels;
  2. Engage affected communities by providing opportunities to address priority issues and to create change related to key challenges communities face in responding to HIV and AIDS issues;
  3. Host debates on key HIV-related issues and provoke discussion on the social, technical and economic challenges that must be overcome to enable effective responses to HIV and AIDS;
  4. Stimulate the development of community responses to HIV by providing delegates and members of the public opportunities to learn, connect and form coalitions; and
  5. Provide feedback to donors, governments, corporations, UN agencies, the International AIDS Society and other international bodies concerned with HIV and AIDS on the impact of policies, laws and funding commitments on affected communities in order to remind these leaders of past commitments and advocate for renewed commitments.

Most Global Village activities will be based on online submissions for the following types of activities:
  • Global Village Sessions will feature panel discussions, debates and presentations with opportunities for Q&A. Sessions will focus on current and emerging HIV topics, as well as priority populations and geographic regions. 
  • Networking Zones are spaces for local and international groups focused on particular populations or geographic regions. In these areas groups can meet and conduct their own activities and engage with delegates and the public visiting the Global Village. 
  • The Main Stage is a space for live performances of music, dance and theatre that address HIV issues in the context of treatment and care, human rights, gender, culture and other key issues. As the heart of the Global Village, the Main Stage plays a significant role in showcasing some of the innovative and dynamic visual components of HIV work at community level. 
  • The Video Lounge provides a space to screen videos and documentaries about HIV and human rights.  
  • Meeting Rooms will be available for small informal discussions and may be booked in advance. 
  • The Youth Pavilion is the main networking space for young people. It is a space to host meetings and forums, showcase achievements of young people, facilitate networking opportunities, engage participants in dialogue and carry on the momentum from the youth pre-conference. 
  • NGO and Marketplace Booths will showcase the impact of poverty reduction efforts on HIV care and prevention programmes and will offer NGOs an opportunity to sell their products to generate income. 
  • Art Exhibits. Throughout the Global Village there will be displays of sculpture, installations, photos and paintings about HIV issues at the grassroots level. 
  • The Community Dialogue Space is a venue in which conference delegates and the general public can engage with community-based and grassroots HIV organizations from around the world. It aims to influence key events and the outcomes of the conference through interactive discussions and stories about some of the victories and challenges faced by communities on the frontline. The Community Dialogue Space will be hosted by the twenty-five 2010 Red Ribbon Award winning organizations. The interactive programme includes high- level dialogue sessions between civil society and international leaders each day, press conferences and cultural events.

For more information on the Global Village, please write to .

Frequently Asked Questions

If my Global Village application is successful, who will pay for my travel and accommodation in Vienna?
Applicants who are in need of financial support are encouraged to apply for a scholarship through the international scholarship programme. See the scholarship section of the website for more details. Please note that the demand for scholarships is very high and the number available is limited, therefore we encourage all applicants to seek additional funding. Acceptance of a global village submission does not guarantee a scholarship.

If my Global Village application is successful will I receive any support for transporting materials and setting up activities?
Standard booth packages (for networking zones, marketplace and NGO booths) are available free of charge for successful applicants. Applicants are responsible for any additional costs such as shipping, purchase and transportation of information materials.

Will I have access to the whole conference if my Global Village activity is accepted?
Individuals who are registered for the conference will have full access to the conference venue, as well as the Global Village. Those that have not registered (or have not received a scholarship) will only have access to the Global Village.

How much space do I have for my activity at the Global Village?
You will find details regarding the dimensions of booth space in the Global Village application guidelines. Applicants who apply for exhibits and performances should be ready to adapt their activities to the space and equipment available.

If my Global Village application is successful can I charge for an activity or ask for donations?
Admission to all Global Village activities is free. Goods can be sold in designated marketplace booths which applicants can apply for online. Marketplace booths provide space for organizations to raise awareness of their programming and efforts, while allowing them to fundraise by selling their products. Marketplace booths are for HIV-related income-generating projects only.

What criteria will be used to select proposals for the Global Village?
Selection criteria details are described in the application guidelines.

Who selects the activities for the Global Village?
Working groups composed of international experts select activities for the Global Village programme.

When does the Global Village open?
The Global Village opening hours are:

Sunday 18 July:
18:00 – 21:30
Monday 19 July:
8:30 – 20:30
Tuesday 20 July:
8:30 – 20:30
Wednesday 21 July:
8:30 – 20:30
Thursday 22 July:
8:30 – 20:30
Friday 23 July:
8:30 – 12:00


Programme Activities

Click here to download the printed Global Village and Youth Programmes.

Click here to download the Global Village floor plan.


A pdf version of the programme is available for download here.

General Information

Genearl Information Guide cover The General Information guide contains practical information about the conference and Vienna and is now available online.

Global Village Exhibitors' Manual 

The Global Village Exhibitor's Manual is now available here.


Click here for frequently asked questions related to the Global Village.


Global Village Figures

-   50,000 expected visitors
-   80 countries represented
-   8,643 m² of floor space
-   27 networking zones
-   53 sessions
-   97 NGO booths
-   30 marketplace booths
-   17 exhibitions
-   26 screenings
-   25 live performances
-   410 programme activity awardees
-   55 hours of operation

Global Village
Working Group Members

Denis Godlevsky (CPC), Russia
Cheryl Overs (CPC), Australia

Korey Chisholm (CPC), Guyana
Mary Ann Torres (LAPC), Venezuela
Manuella Donato (LAPC), Brazil
Konstantin Lezhentsev (SPC), Ukraine
Marcus Day (CCC), St. Lucia
Lorena Di Giano, Argentina
Sandra Diwoky, Austria
Faika El-Nagashi, Austria
Peninah Mwangi, Kenya
Raju Rahman, Bangladesh  

Global Village Sponsor

The Global Village gratefully acknowledges the generous support provided by its principal sponsor, Positive Action.