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International AIDS Society

Workshop Selection

All workshop proposals submitted to the Conference will go through a peer-review process carried out by a Reviewing Committee. Each proposal will be assessed by two reviewers. The workshops will be reviewed from mid February until mid-March 2010. Notification to workshop submitters will be done in April 2010.

For AIDS 2010, 40 workshops will be designed by the Conference Coordinating and Programme Committees.

In addition, 40 high-scoring workshops that align with the conference programme vision and objectives will be selected by the Workshops Working Group after review by a Reviewing Committee.

Workshops will be selected based on a combination of criteria, including:
  • Objectives that are manageable, clearly evident throughout and strongly supported by learning activities during the workshop.
  • Expertise of the facilitator.
  • Methodology – The workshop proposal should start from participants’ needs, and use a learner-centred approach.
  • Relevance – the proposal fits with the relevant programme objectives, focus area, and level.
  • Outcomes – Delegates participating will learn something new, be guided by the facilitator to make connections to their current professional practice and develop an action plan to apply it in their work.
Selection of workshops will also aim to equitably represent:
  • Key and affected populations (e.g. Women, Youth, Sex Workers, Men who have Sex with Men, Gay Bisexual Lesbian Transgender, Drug Users, Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples, etc.);
  • Geographic regions (e.g. Latin America, Africa, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.).
For more information on the statistics on the workshops programme selection, please click here.