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International AIDS Society

Becoming a conference donor

The International AIDS Conference relies heavily on contributions from a range of sources to fund the planning and implementation of this event.

Donations from our supporters make a crucial difference to our work, and each conference and its outcomes are reliant on our funding partnerships. Feedback from formal debriefing sessions with donors who have attended the International AIDS Conference, indicate that supporters have very positive experiences of the event, and highlight the following donor benefits:

  • Donor support and profiles are visible to a large, high profile worldwide audience. Conference delegates include clinicians and other health workers; medical, biomedical and social science researchers; social and community workers; government and non-governmental agencies at all levels from local to international; the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses; educators; the media; policy makers and leaders; and community organizations.
  • Forums are arranged at the conference, during which donors can discuss issues with other HIV/AIDS funders, government representatives, conference delegates, and their own grantees.
  • The conference secretariat assists in organizing satellite meetings at the conference venue for donors and provides help with their logistical arrangements.
The secretariat would be delighted to meet with governments, charitable foundations, companies, and others, who share our commitment to prevent, control and treat HIV/AIDS, to discuss ways in which support could be used. Funding can be directed to specific conference areas and programmes, or invested in the general costs of the conference. For further information please telephone Anthony Flynn, Head of Resource Development at the IAS, at +41 (0)22 7100 814, or email him at .